Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick post about Quad-blogging

Not so long ago I was skimming my Twitter ( skimming 'because I was supposed to working on a grad course paper and having a quick look was my treat to myself!) and I noticed a post about blogging...which is coincidentally the thrust of my research! (more on that later perhaps).

It was a ReTweet ( RT ) ...about a variation of blogging called QUADblogging!  Coming from @coolcatteacher I knew it was worth having a look! : )

I immediately realized it had an added dimension that would build on the experience of blogging for my students.  I like to try something new each year!

In this activity, you sign up to be part of a group of four schools. For a week at a time, each school's class blog(s) will be the  center of attention! 

The other three schools will be busy visiting your site and commenting on your class/students' posts. Then for  three of the four weeks, you will join the other schools in viewing and commenting on the other week -- one school. 

Imagine the kids' faces when they receive this kind of feedback!

I think it will also provide that sense of writing for a real audience that is part and parcel of blogging in the first place. 

Meeting other teachers from different parts of the world who are as interested in blogging with their class as I am is an added bonus.

 Maybe there will be someone there who is doing something I haven't tried yet- (lots of room in my toolbag!)

Maybe there will be someone who I can share what my Grade Fives and I have done so far! And are going to start again in the fall!

This adds a little more information:  

Apparently you can re-cycle through with the same company as many times as you want or sign up for a different 'community'.  Both of these options have positives. I'll have to see what the kids think.

YOU can find out more and REGISTER on their website.
Check out the site and JOIN up!  I am!  


  1. Please let me know how the quad blogging goes. I'll be eager to learn!

  2. I certainly will! I am looking forward to getting it up and running but we don't start school until September 7th so I'll have to be patient!