Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Posting and Promises

So many things have been happening, so many changes have occurred in the last six months for me!
 I have been so busy -

  • helping two daughters move out and head off to university in the fall
  • texting to said daughters :)
  • adjusting to being empty-nesters after thirty years of in-house parenting with my hubby 
  • taking on a new grade while also ...
  • returning to the Assistant Principal position
  • focusing on new initiatives from our School District and our School Development Plan
  • planning for the part of my day as Learning Resource teacher and, 
  • taking on additional volunteer work
 - just to name the big ones!

Somehow in all this, my active participation in my own on-line professional learning has taken a back seat and writing on my own blog has not happened at all for such a very long time, in spite of my best intentions (not for the first time!)

During the last number of months, I have skimmed and scanned many wonderful posts, ones that made me nod in agreement, (re) consider an opinion or point -of-view and shake my head in astonishment.

I have managed to sit every so often and peruse tweets and links on Twitter, sharing quickly ones that caught my attention but taking the time, making the time to blog has escaped me.

NOT anymore! A #FF tweet from Drew Frank reminded me of how important making connections has been for me as a learner, a teacher and as an administrator these last few years! It was because of the writings, the ideas, the feedback and response I received from educators I have come to admire particularly on-line that I selected the topic of my graduate work.
Image from here

I cannot recommend fast enough to newbies and seasoned teachers alike the opportunities for professional growth that come from participating on Twitter. I also point out that you will get the most out of it when you move from 'lurking' and following Twitter chats and reading blogs to actually participating and commenting. That's when you are truly part of a #PLN, a network, a community of learners and that's pretty powerful.

SOOO I am promising myself that I will be a visible member of my PLN and that I will make the time. All of the above are important and ongoing aspects of my life but I want this too!

Which brings me back to Drew Frank and the BlogAMonth Challenge. Check it out for yourself.

And stay tuned'll be hearing from me!