Monday, June 27, 2011

Begonias, Bookbags and Summer Reading

I have new residents for my perennial beds, patio and table tops! Many of my students, and parents, are aware of my love of gardening and so, among other thoughtful gifts I received last week, were bouquets of varying combinations and several potted plants!
A lovely pink Asiatic Lily is now tucked in front of my pink Monkshood in one of my perennial beds and two pots of hanging crimson begonias now sit on my back step greeting visitors as they knock on the door.  The vases full of cut flowers add a splash of brightness in several spots around my house!

I always feel strange about this tradition of gift-giving to teachers at year end.   I don't expect anything; and I know many of my parents cannot afford a hanging basket. I wish they all knew I'm not judging anything on the size or extravagance of the gift. I remind myself that many of the gifts come from the heart and to accept them graciously. The thank-you card or small box of chocolates they did send was equally touching.  Even the inexpensive but unattractive ornament sent along means something to me;  perhaps they noticed  the little things I did to try and boost their daughter's confidence or maybe it was to say thanks again for spending a few extra afternoons on reading place value charts with their son!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time Flies

Can't I have a few more weeks? A month? They've come so far! They're just where I want them to be!   Can't I have just a little more time to reap the rewards of my work?  OUR work together. Please?!

 June arrived too quickly and with it  has come the realization that this wonderful, quirky bunch of ten year-olds will shortly be leaving on summer holidays.  I don't feel ready to let them leave...