Monday, February 28, 2011

The World Wide Web of Kidbloggers!

The other day, right in the middle of silent reading no less, one of my students exclaimed, "There must be other kids doing it, too!"  After everyone stopped laughing  : ), he explained how he was wondering what and where other classrooms might be ... who also blogged.  This prompted a great discussion on what would we hope to see in these other blogs:
  • something about where their school/community is
  • information about their school day
  • examples of the type of projects they do~student work
  • creative pieces
  • book responses

The students then reflected on some ways we might build our blog to show similar things.  Several students are drafting independently chosen pieces to post.  Others suggested our recent Social Studies project on the Beothuk, including some of the snaps, should be a post.  Some work is going to be done about our town to be added.  This prompted another discussion ...this time about wikis.  

This blogging has been the inspiration for writing in a way that is sometimes more contrived and feels like an assignment. .

Needless to say that sent me back to the computer to look for classrooms that might be (actually I knew there MUST be) interested in such a relationship.   More on that after I make contact with these other learning communities!

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