Sunday, February 13, 2011


Beginnings are important.  They are the signposts from which we gauge growth, change, our movement forward. This change is very evident when I look at the ways technology has become part of my life, and in particular my teaching practice.  It has been a gradual process but ever since I began, I have been excited about the many ways I can make use of the tools and technology in my classroom.
My own beginnings as a teacher, while relatively fresh in my mind, certainly indicate to me that I have changed, that I am no longer in the same spot!  That's a good thing.  From the first computers I used in school for (simple) games and word-processing to the multi-modal projects and global access now possible, there has been an incredible, fast-paced movement forward.  I look back to the 'beginning' and marvel what has become available since then!  There is no way I could remain static and comfortable doing the same things I did, even a few years ago, in today's digital world.
I believe that it is absolutely necessary that I strive to embed technologies in my daily practice, that I teach the children how to make the most of digital tools, collaboratively and purposefully with each other.  I also recognize that my students come to school, already competent with devices, programs and applications --knowledgeable in ways I need to use.  Learning from and with my students is part of the pleasure; we are on this trip together, a fact that I find immensely satisfying.  (I don't have to pretend I know it all already!)
So, to that end, this is a beginning for me; a promise to myself and my students to continue the journey.  I will keep an eye out for other 'travelers' who want to tag along. I will seek the expertise of those who are willing to share and head us in the 'right direction' (perhaps to a new 'treasure'?)  Any 'map' I can use, I will; though I love side trips so who knows where this might take me!

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