Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This IS What It's All About

So my Grade 8s have been hearing about the new stuff the grade 5s are doing...blogging, shooting podcasts, using some little Smartboard app on an iPad and even 'going' to Disney World in Math class on the laptops

and they WANT in!

They want to USE their cameras
      and iPod touches
               and laptops
                        in meaningful ways.

They don't want to wait.
They want to use new programs, new tools, new technologies... now in school.

They don't think they should be banned from WiFi access.
They don't think it's fair that the bad apples get to spoil it for them.

They want to learn.

They want to be engaged in their learning through the medium they are now so used to, though mostly outside our schools.

They want to be able to show what they know in 'new' ways.


Gotta plan something

 that balances out their desire,

our eagerness to embrace what 21st century technology has

to offer students and teachers with what the practical decision-makers feel is in our best interests.

HMM?   Maybe our Social Studies content can be covered with a class "movie"

using iMovie technology (which will be new for me and several others)

 or be presented through Glogster  or Animoto or perhaps Prezi!

I'll let you know what we do!

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  1. Just came across this on Twitter...great organizational tools! Wonder which will best suit my needs?