Monday, March 21, 2011

Making the Next Step

Well, we are nearly there!  After much talk, we are going to put it out there that we WANT comments!

To do that I am going to add our class blog to  and see what happens. Of course, as I explained to the kids, we may have to jump in and make the first move by commenting on another class's blog.  No problem!

Apparently another way to get the word out is to use a Twitter account and tweet something like the the following
  grade five class wanting comments #comments4kids.

Then anyone who is also interested in garnering followers for their class and sees that hashtag (that's the # followed by a group of words) will be able to make that connection!   And anyone who knows Twitter, knows that the word spreads by people retweeting that post!

 We should get a class commenting soon!

(Actually having a Twitter account is a terrific way to follow and connect with other like-minded teachers and educators! Or family and friends. Or a multitude of sources of information on any topic imaginable.  So you just might want to do it for yourself.)

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